Terms of Use

On purchasing designs from Big Dreams Embroidery, you are agreeing to the following terms.
Embroidery designs from Big Dreams Embroidery CAN be stitched on items to be sold, but the designs themselves including elements of the designs CANNOT BE COPIED, SOLD, TRADED, SHARED or INCLUDED on any design set.

My designs are for the sole purpose of machine embroidery. YOU MAY NOT use images of my designs for the purpose of creating other derivative works such as (but not limited to) cards, scrapbooking, screen-printing and other reproduction of the images which are then placed on items for sale and/or personal use. Some of the graphics and illustrations I have used may be licensed to other companies and individuals, and using the images without license or permission may constitute a breach of copyright policy.
If you have an embroidery business/website and use my designs (under my terms) on your completed items for sale and would like to display my photographed images of the designs on your website to your customers, then please email me for approval to do so. My photographed images must be captioned with "Image used with permission from Big Dreams Embroidery".


You must have the necessary software or hardware to transfer these designs to your embroidery machine. It is your sole responsibility to know how to use your embroidery machine, software and hardware. I cannot take responsibility for or provide assistance in this regard due to the numerous different brands available.
Re-sizing will affect stitch quality and the integrity of the design. I cannot take any responsibility for the deterioration of stitch quality which may result as a consequence of re-sizing. Re-sizing is done at your own risk.
The designs you see photographed on my website have been created on my home embroidery machine (Brother Innov-is 1500D) using Brother 60# bobbin thread and best quality machine embroidery threads. I use and highly recommend Kingstar thread.