I love this magical job called creating!

My mission is to create unique and stylish machine embroidery appliques and in-the-hoop projects any machine embroiderer will love to sew out. I take my time with each design making sure that there is no bunching of stitches, my corners are sharp and flow beautifully, jump stitches are virtually non-existent, and that the design itself has great visual beauty and balance.

I love to enhance my designs with what I call my "signature stitch" - a gorgeous inner edge stitch of Triple-Bean which lies alongside the Satin Stitch edge finish. The beauty of it is that it brings a wonderful look of luxury and light to the simplest of designs.

I am confident you will enjoy sewing out my designs. If you need more convincing, read my testimonials to see just how pleased others have been with my designs. If you want to know how I started in machine embroidery digitizing and how Big Dreams Embroidery came to be, then please read on...

The day I first saw an embroidery machine sewing out an embroidery design, I was entranced and I wanted to know more... How on earth does the machine know to do each stitch? How does it know which colors you will need next? I think 100 questions had popped into my head at the same time. I didn't know it at the time but this was all due to a magical process called digitizing.

I purchased a Brother Innov-is 1500D but found that I couldn't afford the embroidery designs on the market at the time and they weren't exactly what I wanted. I was more than happy to create my own designs. I began to study the Embird Studio program and haven't stopped marveling at the wonderful things you can make it do.

I showed some friends one of my first designs, Bird in Starry Circlet, which I had embroidered onto a little t-shirt. They loved it! My wonderful friends gave me the confidence to try selling my designs. And here I am.

Big Dreams Embroidery was born March 2010 as a little shop on Etsy.com with just 7 designs. It's been an amazing journey since then and I thank you for being a part of it with me.

Happy embroidering!